R Services Roundup

The SQL Server 2016 release date is June 1, 2016.  Among the new features everyone is talking about is "R Services".

Below is a quick reference of links related to "R Services":

Editions and Components of SQL Server 2016
Differences in R Features between Editions of SQL Server
In-database Advanced Analytics with R in SQL Server 2016
There are additional links at the bottom of this article including this video:

SQL Server R Services Tutorials
Installing Packages in SQL Server R Services
SQL Server 2016 features: R services

Using Visual Studio to develop R for SQL Server 2016
Visualizing a flood with R
What are the Best Machine Learning Packages in R?
Interactive R Charts in Power BI
Creating R Code to run on SQL Server 2016
Early Customer Experiences with SQL Server R Services

If you're interested in Learning R, there's plenty of books out there too.

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